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Powered by Pro Bono

Apr 16, 2013

Many of the highest performing nonprofits are Powered by Pro Bono - generating as much as 20% of their budget in pro bono resources. The Taproot Foundation can help you too fully embrace pro bono service and enjoy the benefits. Taproot has developed a step-by-step guide to help your organization become "Powered by Pro Bono".

With pro bono support from business professionals, the Taproot Foundation has delivered more than $100 million in free services to over 2,000 nonprofits just like yours.  They’ve built websites, updated brand strategies, provided the foundations for strong strategic plans, developed performance management systems for staff and delivered fundraising databases…all for free!

We invite you to join the Taproot Foundation for a free overview of how pro bono can be just the answer you are looking for. They also walk you through new tools on their website that can help you identify your project needs. You will also be able to find companies and individuals in your personal LinkedIn networks to approach.  

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