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Top 5 Do’s in Board Development with Lisa Hoffman

Mar 20, 2013

"We...forget that board members are volunteers. They have chosen to help the organization, and to appreciate that in a general way, and specifically appreciate what they do as individuals and as a group, goes a long way toward effective board development.”

All nonprofit organizations are governed by a volunteer board, made up of individual board members. Whether your organization is brand-new or mature, all nonprofits grapple with elements of board development. What should nonprofit managers focus on to maintain effective board leadership? New or old board, how do you approach board recruitment? When was the last time you checked in with new (or old) board members to understand what they want to get out of serving as a board member? How do you develop a culture of appreciation and accountability? What are some resources within reach to help nurture board development?

In this short segment, we sit down with coach and consultant Lisa Hoffman as she discusses her top five tips in nonprofit board development. Lisa brings 25 years of experience and success to nonprofit fund and board development, facilitation, and coaching.

The three books that Lisa mentions in the video are available at Foundation Center libraries:

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