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Cultivating Your Fundraising Team

Sep 30, 2014

Notable time-points:

  • Intro: Lisa Hoffman 3:20 min mark
  • Intro to Panelists: 11:53
  • Panelists introduce their fundraising teams: 16:08
  • Two Suggestions to establish a culture of fundraising that includes every member of the board: 30:17
  • What do panelists do to keep fundraising teams engaged? 41:30
  • What do board members and EDs need to be effective team members? 1:04:19
  • How to split time between being a leader and a fundraiser: 1:16:04
  • How to motivate and work effectively with boards as a part of the team? 1:22:20
  • Panelists speak on creating culture of philanthropy and encouraging board members to reach out to their networks: 1:27:17

This panel discussion explores how to create and nourish a successful fundraising team from your staff and board. Panelists represent three modest-sized organizations that raised about $4 million in 2013 from individuals.

These seasoned professionals and volunteers offer approaches and techniques based on real and current experience.

Panelists include:

  • Susan Corlett, Development Director, Sustainable Conservation
  • DeAnna Dalton, Director of Advancement, MapLight
  • Jim McBride, Development Director, AIDS Legal Referral Panel
  • Michelle Roberts, Co-chair of Board of Directors, Strategic Planning Committee member and Panel attorney, AIDS Legal Referral Panel

Moderated by:

Lisa Hoffman brings 25 years of experience and success to nonprofit fund and board development, facilitation, and coaching.

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