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Cracking the Funding Code: Tech Corporate Giving Trends

Jun 30, 2015  

Get an insider’s look at corporate philanthropy giving trends in Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay Area, particularly focusing on education funding trends, from Xilinx, Symantec, and Silicon Valley Community Foundation, which manages more than 100 corporate philanthropy programs.

How Tech Gives: Strengthening Public Education

Jun 09, 2015  

Learn how your education organization can attract — and keep — the attention of corporations that provide funding for technology, with advice from LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Zynga.

Meet the Grant Partners: Building Momentum for Your Organization [HIGHLIGHTS]

Jun 24, 2013  

What advice can you give to new organizations that are working to scale? This question was posed to panelists Michael Lombardo, Chief Executive Officer, Reading Partners, and Gabrielle E. Miller, Executive Director, Raising A Reader National Office. This is what they had to say.

Nonprofit Program Evaluation: Why You Should Track Programs and Services

Jun 18, 2013  

Why do nonprofits need to evaluate their programs and services? Why are some organizations not evaluating? And, what is one simple step nonprofits can take toward meaningful program evaluation?

Finding Foundation Support for Your Education

Feb 13, 2012  

Join us for this one-hour session on obtaining financial aid for your studies. We'll dispel some common myths about foundation support.