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Nonprofit Content Curation: The Hows and Whys of Effective Content Curation

Jun 18, 2013  

What is online content curation? How can nonprofits use content curation to strengthen organizational engagement? We caught up with Guillaume Decugis, CEO of to find out.

Black Male Achievement: Rethinking Place

May 22, 2013  

This panel discussion looks at place and how to raise up a positive narrative for our communities.     

Black Male Achievement: Family and Culture

May 22, 2013  

This panel discussion looks at the role of family and culture in black male achievement and how it defines an individual.    

Black Male Achievement: Overcoming History

May 22, 2013  

This panel discussion delves into the historical context affecting black male achievement and how those barriers can be overcome.    

Nonprofit Program Evaluation: Why You Should Track Programs and Services

Jun 18, 2013  

Why do nonprofits need to evaluate their programs and services? Why are some organizations not evaluating? And, what is one simple step nonprofits can take toward meaningful program evaluation?

Meet the Grant Partners: Building Momentum for Your Organization [HIGHLIGHTS]

Jun 24, 2013  

What advice can you give to new organizations that are working to scale? This question was posed to panelists Michael Lombardo, Chief Executive Officer, Reading Partners, and Gabrielle E. Miller, Executive Director, Raising A Reader National Office. This is what they had to say.

Social Fundraising: Myths and Musts of Raising Money With Social Platforms

Jun 13, 2013  

What types of social fundraising campaigns are really successful? What are the myths and musts of social fundriaising? Dave Boyce, CEO of, discusses online fundraising using crowdfunding platforms.  

Nonprofit Social Media Policy: Tips From a Nonprofit Lawyer

Jun 13, 2013  

What is the most critical issue to cover in a nonprofit social media policy? What common mistakes do nonprofits make with social media policies, and how can they be solved? Learn from nonprofit lawyer, Gene Takagi, how you can keep your organization in-line, online. 

Black Male Achievement: The Importance of Exposure

May 22, 2013  

Nicole Bell-Moye, executive director of the Presidents’ Council Foundation shares what she has found to be the keys to success for their PC Scholars program.  

Black Male Achievement: Why Fathers Matter

May 22, 2013  

Hear one man’s story of why fathers matter, as well as the work his organization is doing to ensure that fathers get involved and stay involved. 

Black Male Achievement: One Man’s Story of Coming Home

May 22, 2013  

Tim Tramble, executive director of Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc., tells how black male achievement has been a part of his own journey and passion for his work in community development.

Philanthropic Support for Black Male Achievement

May 22, 2013  

An overview of the landscape for philanthropic support to black men and boys, and a tour of, the newly created portal that highlights the role of philanthropy in supporting black men and boys.  

Securing a Government Grant

Mar 19, 2013  

Consultant Marilyn Hoyt and Jeff Rosenstock, Institutional Development and Major Gifts Officer of Queens College, explain how to set your project and organization apart from others and how to get that extra edge when applying for competitive government grants.

Legal Considerations Before Starting a Nonprofit: Becoming Incorporated

Mar 14, 2013  

Learn how to get incorporated, secure your 501(c)(3) status, register your charity for fundraising, and more, with attorneys from the law firm of Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP of New York City. Presented in collaboration with New York Lawyers for the Public interest.

Raising Funds and Relationships: Crowdfunding Tips for Nonprofits

Mar 13, 2013  

Four tips that you can implement today to make your next crowdfunding campaign a success! With Jed Cohen, founder and COO of RocketHub, one of the world's largest and most successful crowdfunding platforms, who heads the discussion about expanding your fundraising skill set through crowdfunding.

Recruitment Tips: Getting Corporate Professionals on Your Board

Apr 10, 2013  

Four tips on how to get corporate professionals to join -- and love being part of -- your board, from Steven K. Orr, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Orr Associates, Inc., and Executive Director & Founder of Youth, I.N.C.

Business Planning: Identifying Your Nonprofit’s Niche

Apr 03, 2013  

Molly Penn and Deborah Flood from Penn Flood Consulting discuss where to begin with your nonprofits business or strategic plan. Then they walk you through the elements, which include a sound business plan, starting with finding your non-profit's niche.

Is Your Board Active? A Funder’s Perspective on Board Engagement

Oct 19, 2012  

“It’s like religion. You have to make me believe!” Do your board members act as ambassadors and fundraisers for your organization?

Don’t Limit Your Dreams: The Importance of Collaboration

Oct 19, 2012  

Are you collaborating with other organizations in your community? Are you limiting your dreams by staying inside of your own walls?

How to Treat Your Donors: One Donor’s Advice

Oct 19, 2012  

Do you treat your donors like they're family? A foundation president/trustee for two foundations shares her advice on how to treat your donors that will set you apart from the competition.

How to Apply to the Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Aug 24, 2012  

How do you apply to the Jewish Federation of Cleveland?  What types of support does the federation offer?

How to Approach the Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Aug 24, 2012  

How does the Jewish Federation of Cleveland work?  How can your organization reach out to the federation and build relationships with the foundations involved?

Top 5 Do’s in Board Development with Lisa Hoffman

Mar 20, 2013  

Lisa Hoffman, coach & consultant, shares her five tips for effective board development. Among her tips, Lisa emphasizes the need for ongoing recruitment, approaching accountability with grace, and developing a culture of appreciation between the board and staff. 

Secure the Future: Building a Diversified Funding Base for Your Nonprofit

Mar 06, 2013  

This workshop explores what it takes to expand and sustain a blend of support from individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies. 

Making Collaborations Work

Feb 21, 2013  

Learn from two experts in the field about how to make a collaboration that works and succeeds.