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Leveraging Social Media to Promote Fundraising Events & Engage Millennials

Jul 28, 2016  

If you are planning an upcoming fundraiser and looking to expand your donor base to a younger audience, this program is not to be missed. 

Perspectives on Philanthropy: Insights on Giving USA

Jun 24, 2016  

Leaders from San Francisco’s non-profit sector discuss the latest Giving USA report. 

Should Major Gifts Be Staff or Volunteer Driven?

May 12, 2016  

This panel discussion will look at the pros and cons of cultivating and soliciting major donors through a staff or volunteer model, and success factors for successfully approach each, as well as a hybrid major donor program.

How Digital Storytelling Can Further Nonprofit Goals

Apr 07, 2016  

Learn why first-person stories are so compelling and how nonprofits can engage their clients and funders in bringing powerful personal stories into public viewing arenas with Andrea Spagat of StoryCenter.

Eaton Corporation's Charitable Giving

Mar 07, 2016  

Eaton is a power management company that gives on a national and international basis in areas of company operations through its corporate giving program and private foundation. 

Using the 990 to Tell Your Story

Feb 26, 2016  

More donors are looking at a charity's Form 990 before they decide to give. How can nonprofits use these tax forms to capture the attention and heart of their readers and explain their mission, work, and results in concise and compelling ways? David Reape of Ciuni & Panichi explains.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Podcasting But Were Afraid to Ask

Mar 15, 2016  

Learn the technical aspects of creating a podcast, and how to create interesting content and find your audience with Eliza Smith, story producer and fiction editor of National Public Radio's Snap Judgment

Fiscal Sponsorship + Crowdfunding = $$ for Creative Projects

Mar 09, 2016  

Explore the benefits of Fractured Atlas’s fiscal sponsorship program as a fundraising tool for creative projects. Also learn about how crowdfunding can be used with fiscal sponsorship.

Top Ten Fundraising Tips as Featured in Nonprofit Fundraising 101

Mar 08, 2016  

Learn concrete tips and tools for individual giving, foundation grants, corporate sponsorship, earned income, and online and peer-to-peer campaigns from Darian Rodriguez Heyman, author of the newly released book, Nonprofit Fundraising 101.

Building Strong Board - Development Director Relationships

Feb 18, 2016  

How should board members and development directors work together? How can these essential relationships be effective, strong and clear? This panel discussion will explore these and other relevant areas to provide a roadmap with many routes based on real experience and success.

How to Make a Video for the Nonprofit You Love for Under $100

Jan 14, 2016  

Geared toward small nonprofit staffers and business owners with no background in video production, this session led by Retainer Media founder Bejamin Packard covers the basics of producing an emotionally compelling marketing video.

Building a Stronger Community Through Placemaking

Dec 11, 2015  

Placemaking is “the active process of shaping an environment to improve social interaction and quality of life,” according to Senior Program Officer Nelson Beckford of Saint Luke’s Foundation in Cleveland, OH. In this video, he explains their program strategy and gives examples of its impact.

Understanding Your Audience Using Google Analytics

Nov 19, 2015  

Who are your website visitors? Where are coming from? What pages do they visit? Then what do they do? The answers can help you strategically craft content, make content hierarchy decisions, and be more informed about where and how to buy ads for maximum impact. Join Crispin Bailey of Kalamuna to learn how to optimize your content and target your website's visitors using Google Analytics.

Bay Area Corporate Giving Trends: Philanthropy and Iconic Brands

Nov 13, 2015  

The San Francisco Bay Area region has a legacy of innovation and entrepreneurism that has given rise to some of our nation's most iconic brands. Google, Wells Fargo, Levi Strauss, and 50 Fund (Legacy Fund of Super Bowl 50 Host Committee) talk about their philanthropic legacies, trends in corporate giving, and new approaches and directions for how their companies are investing in community.

Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship: Opportunities, Challenges, and Trends

Nov 11, 2015  

Learn how a generation of change makers is exploring and developing new approaches and business models to address the world’s most critical challenges with Marcos Salazar, co-founder and executive director of Be Social Change.

Georgia Nonprofit Lobbying & Political Activity Dos and Don'ts

Oct 14, 2015  

Learn what 501(c)(3) nonprofits can or can't do when it comes to lobbying and political activity according to federal and Georgia state laws.

Hot off the Press: The Latest from the Publishing Pros

Oct 12, 2015  

It's tough to keep up with all the changes in publishing these days, whether you're already published or just starting out. Get rare access to a panel of publishing professionals who discuss the newest trends and insider advice on getting published.

First Time Authors Reveal All

Oct 12, 2015  

Debut authors share the inspirational and informative true stories behind their paths to publication, from working with the largest mainstream publishing houses to breakthrough new ways to reach readers. Learn about the many options available to authors today.

Fundraising for Social Change: What’s New, What’s Hot; What’s Over, What’s Not

Sep 30, 2015  

Internationally known trainer, speaker and author Kim Klein will look at the challenges and opportunities for fundraising in the next few years. 

Quantifying Hope: Philanthropic Support for Black Men and Boys

Jul 22, 2015  

This panel discussion among Bay Area foundation leaders is about supporting local efforts to support Black men and boys, lessons learned, and future directions for this work. Also, hear highlights from a recent report published by Foundation Center and the Campaign for Black Male Achievement.

Donor Acquisition Beyond Direct Mail

Aug 13, 2015  

Join us for a panel discussion on effective alternative tactics for acquiring new donors, including online as well as some new twists on "old school" tactics. Panelists represent organizations of varying sizes and ages that have successfully grown significantly over the years. 

Cracking the Funding Code: Tech Corporate Giving Trends

Jun 30, 2015  

Get an insider’s look at corporate philanthropy giving trends in Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay Area, particularly focusing on education funding trends, from Xilinx, Symantec, and Silicon Valley Community Foundation, which manages more than 100 corporate philanthropy programs.

How Tech Gives: Strengthening Public Education

Jun 09, 2015  

Learn how your education organization can attract — and keep — the attention of corporations that provide funding for technology, with advice from LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Zynga.

Prospecting Secrets to Building a Major Donor Program

Feb 24, 2015  

Learn various options for prospect research, how to work with your board and volunteers, best methods for cultivating and approaching donors, how to use events, and more, from 30-year veteran development officer and lecturer Armando Zumaya.

Surf’s Up: Moving from the Board That You Have to the Board That You Need

Feb 24, 2015  

Identify your board and organization's developmental stage, then learn how to align them to generate harmonious enthusiasm and engagement, with consultant and trainer Lisa Hoffman.