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Why Boot Camp? Marilyn Hoyt Chats About Intensive Proposal Writing Training

Sep 21, 2012  

Marilyn Hoyt discusses the Proposal Writers Boot Camp course offered by the Foundation Center.

How to Approach the Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Aug 24, 2012  

How does the Jewish Federation of Cleveland work?  How can your organization reach out to the federation and build relationships with the foundations involved?

How to Apply to the Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Aug 24, 2012  

How do you apply to the Jewish Federation of Cleveland?  What types of support does the federation offer?

Collaborating for Good

May 01, 2012  

Find out how nonprofits are collaborating, what's motivating them, and how foundations are supporting them.

Foundation Center Training: Welcome Aboard

Apr 19, 2012  

Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare to learn the skills that will help your nonprofit succeed. Welcome aboard!

Creating a Nonprofit Business Plan that Works

Feb 22, 2012  

In this session, panelists Alvin J. Donius, Elaine Grogan Luttrull, and Fran Smyth explain the components of a professional business plan for nonprofits.

Funding for Environment: George Gund Foundation

Dec 09, 2011  

John Mitterholzer, senior program officer for the environment at the George Gund Foundation, discusses the local environmental funding landscape.

What Advice Do You Have for Organizations Approaching You For the First Time?

Dec 07, 2011  

Grantmakers share their insights and advice on proposals, relationships with nonprofit organizations, and more.

What Are Potential Red Flags When You Are Reviewing Proposals?

Dec 07, 2011  

Grantmakers share their insights and advice on proposals, relationships with nonprofit organizations, and more.

What Advice Do You Have for Organizations That You Turn Down?

Dec 07, 2011  

Grantmakers share their insights and advice on proposals, relationships with nonprofit organizations, and more.

What Makes a Proposal Stand Out From Others?

Dec 02, 2011  

Grantmakers share their insights and advice on proposals, relationships with nonprofit organizations, and more.

Bay Area Arts Grantmaking in a Time of Change

Oct 20, 2011  

Panelists describe their funding priorities, share current regional arts funding trends, and reflect on best practices for approaching foundations for support during challenging economic times.

State of the Arts with Lisa Cremin, Director of the Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund

Oct 03, 2011  

Lisa Cremin, director of the Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, provides insights on recent trends in the arts.

Showing That Your Work Matters: Robert Fischer on Program Evaluation

Jul 14, 2011  

Dr. Robert Fischer of Case Western Reserve University discusses why program evaluation is important, as well as some of the pitfalls that can occur.

Bringing Down the House: How to Plan a Fundraising House Party

Jun 08, 2011  

Author and community organizer Andy Robinson explains how to plan a successful and well-organized fundraising house party in only six weeks.

Meet the Author – Gigi Rosenberg: The Artist’s Guide to Grantwriting

Mar 28, 2011  

Author Gigi Rosenberg shares top tips from her new book, The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing: How to Find Funds and Write Foolproof Proposals for the Visual, Literary, and Performing Artist, which is designed to help artists navigate the process of pursuing funding for their work.

Budgeting for Those Who Would Rather Not

Feb 23, 2011  

Elaine Luttrull, Director of Financial Analysis at The Juilliard School, lays out the “Who”, “What”, “When”, “Why”, and “How” of budgeting for nonprofits. This presentation was presented in collaboration with the Arts and Business Council of New York.

How to Score a Site Visit Touchdown

Dec 10, 2010  

Professionals from the William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation, The Saint Luke’s Foundation, Deaconess Community Foundation and Nordson Corporation Foundation engage in a panel conversation discussing ways to improve your playbook and give your team the edge for scoring a Site Visit Touchdown.

Tom McLaughlin on Demystifying Nonprofit Collaboration

Nov 16, 2010  

Tom McLaughlin, founder of McLaughlin and Associates and author of Nonprofit Mergers & Alliances, answers audience questions and provides insight into the ways in which nonprofit organizations can collaborate.

John La Rocca Discusses Focus on Outcomes and Impact

Nov 16, 2010  

John A. La Rocca, vice president and chief operating officer of the Rensselaerville Institute, discusses how nonprofit organizations can develop frameworks for tracking the outcomes and impact of their work.

Take a One-Minute Tour of GrantSpace

Oct 05, 2010  

Take a one-minute tour of GrantSpace to see all the resources we have to offer grantseekers.

Public Art Project Proposal Writing

Oct 20, 2009  

Lisa Tuttle, Public Art Program Education and Outreach Coordinator, Fulton County Arts Council, discusses how to write a well-developed, clear and organized public art proposal. This presentation offers insight into the proposal writing and commission selection process.

Beyond Survival: Collaboration, Partnerships and Sustainability

Oct 15, 2009  

Learn the essential information and practical tools needed to ensure a successful collaboration. Erik Speakman highlights keys to organizational sustainability for arts and cultural organizations.

Lillian Kuri on Urban Planning and Community Development in Cleveland

Oct 09, 2009  

Lillian Kuri, Program Director for Architecture, Urban Design and Sustainable Development at The Cleveland Foundation, discusses the past, current and future urban planning projects of the Cleveland Foundation.

Low-profit Limited Liability Companies: A For-Profit with a Non-profit Soul

Sep 16, 2009  

Cass Brewer, a partner at Morris, Manning & Martin, explains the nuts and bolts of the low-profit limited liability company (L3C), which is a cross between a non-profit and a for-profit. It is a new form of business enterprise that is specifically designed to further a socially beneficial mission and, in the right circumstances, can qualify as a program-related investment for foundations.