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Guía para escribir propuestas del Foundation Center (traducción de la 5a edición)


En asociación con Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D) de Nueva York (Grabaciones para ciegos & disléxicos), el Foundation Center presenta una nueva versión en audio de la traducción al español de Guía para escribir propuestas, el libro más popular en nuestra serie de Guías para la recaudación de fondos. Es solo la segunda vez que el centro ha lanzado una publicación en formato de audio; la primera fue la versión en inglés de este título.

Guide to Proposal Writing Audiobook


Audiobook of the 5th edition. Listen/download in parts or as a single large file.

Philanthropy Chat - Dana Ostomel on Enhancing Your Year-End Fundraising with Crowdfunding and #GivingTuesday


Are you thinking of running a #GivingTuesday campaign? Listen to Dana Ostomel, founder and CEO of Deposit a Gift, as she discusses using crowdfunding and #GivingTuesday to enhance your year-end fundraising.

Philanthropy: The Next 50 Years


Distinguished representatives from the philanthropic sector share their thoughts and concerns about the future of philanthropy and respond to audience questions.

Telling Your Story: Maximizing Your Organization's Form 990


Learn how to make your Form 990 more compelling so your nonprofit can use it as a marketing tool.

Ask the Grantmakers


What makes a grantmaker select one proposal over another? Find out from the people who make the decisions at Washington Gas, The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region, Washington Area Women’s Foundation, and Jovid Foundation.

The Puzzle of the DC Region's Modest-Size Foundation Sector in a Wealthy Area


Alan Abramson of George Mason University's Center for Nonprofit Management, Philanthropy, and Policy, and co-author Stefan Toepler, present the findings of their research. Members of the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers respond.

How to Attract and Sustain National/Large Grantmaker Support


Focus on the "Three Ps" -- Purpose, Process and People -- if your nonprofit wants work with large foundations, says Darin McKeever, Deputy Director of the Charitable Sector at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Philanthropy Chat - Vision for Change: Frances Kunreuther Discusses Challenges and Opportunities for Next Gen Nonprofit Leadership


What challenges do young social justice leaders face in today’s changing social sector and how do they approach them? What challenges remain?

Philanthropy Chat - Unlocking Gaming Potential: Ted Mitchell on the NewSchools Venture Fund/ Learning Games Accelerator


What is important when it comes to forming partnerships with tech organizations? How do organizations approach corporations and other organizations when partnering on a new project? Learn from the NewSchools Venture Fund/ Learning Games Accelerator.

How Social Media Has Changed Donor Behavior, and What Your Organization Can Do About It


Julie Dixon and Denise Keyes of Georgetown’s Center for Social Impact Communication discuss the new model of donor engagement and how organizations and fundraising professionals can adjust to them.

Philanthropy Chat: Nancy Maxwell on Grant Collaborations with Libraries


Nancy Kalikow Maxwell describes the unique strengths that libraries bring to grant collaborations and highlights key conditions that are necessary in order to have more collaborations involving libraries in the future.

Philanthropy Chat: Beverly Schwartz Discusses Social Entrepreneurs


Beverly Schwartz, vice president of global marketing at Ashoka, covers topics from her book, Rippling: How Social Entrepreneurs Spread Innovation Throughout the World.

Philanthropy Chat: Deirdre Maloney on Nonprofit Myths


Deirdre Maloney, president of the firm Momentum, examines the myths and realities of nonprofit management, marketing, and outcomes measurement.

Arts Marketing with Marga Fripp of Empowered Women International


Marga Fripp discusses arts marketing for the individual artist.

Philanthropy Chat: Faith Fuller Discusses Fundraising for Documentary Filmmakers


Author and filmmaker Faith Fuller discusses her background in fundraising for documentary filmmaking.

Philanthropy Chat: Juliana Steele on Fiscal Sponsorship for Artists


Juliana Steele, program specialist for fiscal sponsorship with Fractured Atlas, explains how artists can determine whether their project would be a good candidate to be fiscally sponsored, and how artists can seek out sponsors.

Philanthropy Chat: Revisions to DC's Common Grant Application - What You Need to Know


Miyesha Perry Chappell, Manager of Grants and Administration at the Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation, discusses the newly revised Common Grant Application from the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers.

Philanthropy Chat: Cultivating a Grassroots Grantmaking Committee


Rachel Oscar of Grassroots Grantmakers sits down with Sarah Gyorki to discuss implementing a grassroots grantmaking committee.

Philanthropy Chat: Neighborhood Initiatives at the Hamilton Community Foundation


Sharon Charters, Grants Manager at the Hamilton Community Foundation (in Ontario, Canada) and David Derbyshire of Wesley Urban Ministries discuss the Foundation's multi-faceted neighborhood initiative.

Philanthropy Chat: Grantmaking Committees at Grassroots Organizations


Lee Kay shares insight on grantmaking committee member training, member recruitment, conflict of interest policy, and the goals and spirit of Neighborhood Connections.

Philanthropy Chat: Resident-Led Grantmaking at the Raymond John Wean Foundation


Three representatives of the Raymond John Wean Foundation discuss committee training, recruitment, and what it means to find your fit in the larger community.

Philanthropy Chat: What Makes a Good Grassroots Grantmaking Committee Member


Blaine Griffin, flagship member of Neighborhood Connections Grantmaking Committee, discusses what makes a good committee member and how acting as a Grantmaking Committee Member has influenced his role with the City of Cleveland.

Philanthropy Chat: Thoughtful Grantmaking at Grassroots Organizations


Joe Konen, a member of the Neighborhood Connections Grantmaking Committee in Cleveland, Ohio, discusses what makes a thoughtful grantmaker.

Philanthropy Chat: Job Hunting for Experienced Workers in the Nonprofit Sector


Barbara Ramundo, regional vice president for Professionals for Nonprofits, discusses practical tips and strategies for experienced nonprofit workers.