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Five types of foundations are included in Foundation Grants to Individuals Online:

Independent foundation. A fund or endowment designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a private foundation under the law, the primary function of which is the making of grants. The assets of most independent foundations are derived from the gift of an individual or family. Some function under the direction of family members and are known as family foundations. Depending on their range of giving, independent foundations may also be known as general purpose or special purpose foundations.

Company-sponsored foundation. A private foundation that derives its funds from a profit-making company or corporation but independently constituted, the purpose of which is to make grants, usually on a broad basis although not without regard for the business interests of the corporation. Company-sponsored foundations are legally distinct from contributions programs administered within the corporation directly from the corporate funds.

Operating foundation. A fund or endowment designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a private operating foundation, the primary purpose of which is to operate research, social welfare, or other programs determined by its governing body or charter. Most operating foundations award few or no grants to outside organizations or individuals.

Community foundation. In its general charitable purposes, a community foundation is much like a private foundation; its funds, however, are derived from many donors rather than a single source, as is usually the case with private foundations. Community foundations are usually classified under the tax law as public charities and are therefore subject to different rules and regulations from those that govern private foundations.

Public charity. Also known as a public foundation, a public charity is an organization identified as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and generally derives its funding or support primarily from the general public in carrying out its social, educational, religious, or other charitable activities. A public charity is eligible for maximum income tax-deductible contributions from the public and is not subject to the same rules and restrictions as private foundations. Only those public charities that engage in grantmaking in addition to direct service of other charitable activities are included.

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