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Custom Foundation Maps

Foundation Maps is the platform for custom projects for networks of funders and individual foundations. Custom versions focus on a variety of issue areas, beneficiary populations, and geographies. View some examples below:

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation
Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy
Early Childhood Development in East Africa

If you need your own custom map, you're in the right place. Let us help you bring your funding to life.

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Get on the Map

The "Get on the Map" campaign — a partnership of the United Philanthropy Forum and Foundation Center — is a new data-sharing initiative dedicated to boosting the quality and availability of fresh, detailed grantmaking data across the Forum Network.


Through this partnership, regional associations of grantmakers can run their own peer-led campaigns to recruit members to share grants data using Foundation Center's eReporting Standard. The data is then centralized at Foundation Center and made freely accessible to all members in the region through the Foundation Maps platform — a highly interactive and searchable mapping tool.

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Data Visualization Reveals Insights You Can Use

Our webinars uncover how Foundation Maps is being put to use to inform philanthropy. To date, we’ve examined the landscape for funding for Women’s Issues and evaluated philanthropy’s role in U.S. Democracy, and more! 

Foundation Maps is a data visualization platform for philanthropy. We partner with a wide variety of foundations and other organizations on custom projects that apply our technology to their particular field or interest, from Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy, which shows funding for democracy-related activities, to a custom interactive map that shows a real-time snapshot of the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation’s grants approved in the past 3 years.

Foundation Maps is also available as a subscription service that lets you view over $2.5 trillion in grants data, grantmakers, and grant recipients through a variety of filters. With a custom map or through our subscription service, Foundation Maps lets you:

  • Explore who is supporting your areas of interest by filters such as subject, geography, population served, type of support, organization name, and keyword
  • Get detailed information about funders, grant recipients, and grants
  • Discover new partners for collaboration
  • Uncover trends, see networks, and monitor changes across the sector

Knowledge Services

Knowledge Services are data-driven tools and content-rich platforms developed by Foundation Center for funders and their networks, consultants, advisors, and grantees.

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